We recover, We restore, We consolidate

Callegaro 1997 has more than twenty years’ experience in the restoration and consolidation of marble blocks by applying effective and state-of-the-art systems that make it possible to secure marble blocks, stones and granites. A point of reference for professionals and marble companies in Versilia, Tuscany and all over Italy.

  • Restoration
  • Consolidation
  • Reinforcement
  • Reconstruction
  • Recovery

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Tradition & Innovation


Since 1997 Renovation and Consolidation Blocks


Our long-standing #Experience allows us to tackle even the most complex projects with the best and most reactive focus on the type of intervention.

Top Quality

Our experience allows us to provide our services to the best companies in the stone industry.


Each intervention is carried out as quickly and promptly as possible without neglecting safety and efficiency.


Our system is tested, proven, safe and state-of-the-art. Try to believe!

Respect for the environment

Our repairs help to reduce the waste of quarry materials and thus help the environment.

Saving money

No less important is the economic savings that come from our processing.

Our team at work

Callegaro 1997 is careful and aware of the correct disposal of waste, in fact it is registered in the Albo Nazionale dei Gestori Ambientali.


Callegaro 1997

Specialized team

Callegaro’s 1997 team is specialized and constantly trained
on state-of-the-art techniques to secure your blocks.


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